Temola Winery – Wine Tavern & Wine Shop

Temola country winery is located on the beautiful island of Niinisaari in Puumala, Finland, in the heart of Saimaa.

Temola Winery produces high quality, prize-winning berry wines, sparkling wines, apple cider, distillates and liqueurs from berries.

Wine Tavern & Wine Shop

You can buy our delicious wines by bottles from our Wine Shop. All products are available for tasting in our Wine tavern. Tastings for bigger groups can be arranged by appointment.

DO. Saimaa trademark

Temolan Winery from Puumala among the first in 2017. In the eight Saimaa regions, high quality food producing and processing companies have been granted access to D.O. Saimaa nomination.tilaviinien_aatelia_english

100% excellence from Saimaa region

D.O. Saimaa is Finland’s first quality and original trademark depicting regional quality and origin. The “excellence” mentioned in the trade marks slogan means not only high quality, but also positive effect on environment, culture, regional vitality and society. Consumers, restaurants and retailers using products or raw materials marked with D.O. Saimaa know that they are making a good, ethical and responsible choice.

Saimaa is ranked among Finland’s internationally most recognised and respected brands. D.O. Saimaa trademark on a product sends a message to international travellers as well as local consumers that the product originates from Saimaa and that it is of high quality and pure. D.O. Saimaa producers, further processors and retailers support the local high quality production.

D.o. Saimaa quality and original trademark has been granted for the following provisions and food products

DO Saimaa homepage


Prizes and Certifications

Since our founding year 2004 all our wines have been rewarded in the Finnish country wines competition. In the year 2005 all Temola Winery’s wines got certified based on the classification system for Finnish country wines.

Gold prizes:

  • Niiniviini has won twice the gold prize in 2008 and 2016 in the Country Wine Competition in Finland.

Silver prizes:

  • Maijastiina, raspberry sparkling wine manufactured with the traditional method
  • Saimaan Seireeni, semi-dry whitecurrant sparkling wine
  • Selema, semi-sweet whitecurrant wine
  • Santeri, semi-dry whitecurrant wine
  • Niiniviini, sweet blackcurrant wine
  • Liehtalan Jallu, semi-dry red- and blackcurrant wine.

Suomen Tilaviinikilpailuissa saadut Niiniviinin voittopokaalit v. 2008 ja v. 2016.

Services for groups

Welcome to Temola Winery for group wine tasting

Temola Winery offers bookings for group wine tastings. Whether your group is small in size or a large group, send us an email at viinitila@temola.fi, or call us on 040 5077063. We will plan a wine  tasting according to your wishes and needs. We can accommodate group wine tastings the best when they are booked outside standard opening hours.

The Temola wines gained the right to use the D.O Saimaa Mark of Origin. The Mark of Origin emphasizes excellent quality, taste, positive effect on the environment and the local food culture. All of our wine products have won titles in national winery competitions.

Temola Winery has a wine shop, where customers are able to purchase our wines to take home with them (price list).

Group wine tasting price list

Wine tasting of two wines, á 4 cl, guided introduction to wine tasting technique and a presentation on berry wine production: 10 € / person, duration 1 hour 30 minutes.

Wine tasting of four wines, á 4 cl, guided introduction to wine tasting technique and a presentation on berry wine production: 15 € / person, duration 1 hour 30 minutes.

Tastings of sparkling wine and cider available as well.

Coffee service

Pre-order of coffee is available for your group for 2 € / person. Salty and sweet snacks available as well 3 – 7 € based on the snack.

No split bills. Payment with cash or card.

Temola Winery group tasting available hours for pre-booking.

Month Day Visiting time
May Mon-Sun Only by appointment
June Mon–Thur Only by appointment
July Fri–Sun 9am–12pm and 6pm–8pm
July Mon–Sun 9am–12pm and 6pm–8pm
August Mon–Thur Only by appointment
August Fri–Sun 9am–12pm and 6pm–8pm
September Mon–Sun Only by appointment
October Mon–Sun Only by appointment


Welcome to wine shopping and a beautiful countryside experience!